Class of 2018 senior rep Application

Congratulations! Ah, you are a SENIOR! Senior year is the best year of high school. You get to do so many fun, exciting things! One of those is Senior Portraits! I absolutely love senior portrait sessions...want to know why? Because they are UNIQUE to you! Every session is completely different. Being a Kate Parrish Photography Senior Rep is super fun, and easy!

Here is how it works!

After you fill out the application below and are accepted, we will schedule a 30 minute portrait session sometime this summer.  We will do your full session whenever you would like to schedule it. This session early on gives us some images that we can print and share early on in the school year. After that, you will then help me out by passing out cards, sharing your photos on social media and getting other senior friends in on the fun!

If chosen to be a senior rep, I will discount a FULL senior session for the price of a half session. ($400 session for $200!)

Oh and it doesn't stop there! If you get 5 or more friends to book with me that said that YOU referred them to me, I will send you a $50 visa gift card for graduation!  So there is definitely some incentive to pass the word on!

Your friends will also receive $10 off their session if they say that they were referred by YOU! It's a win, win, win!
So if you could tell me just a little about yourself, your school...just some fun things so I can get to know you!

I will let all Senior Reps know if they are accepted the week of June 18th, 2017! 
If you are not accepted, but apply,  I will give you $10 off your senior session package!



Please fill out the form below to apply

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